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CorpStrategy Consulting (CSC) is one of the new and finest consultancy practices within Sydney, Australia that focuses on small and medium businesses. CSC consulting practice combines international expertise with the best available local advisory expertise. Our special skills lie in combining local knowledge and experience with an understanding of the international context. CSC can deliver the value that clients care about. We do this by contributing and developing ideas, solutions, and an intelligent perspective on our clients' issues in every service, procedure, and interaction. We are driven to make a positive and great difference or impact on our clients.
Our reputation and our practice area is principally founded on providing specialist services in the fields of Business Modelling, Feasibility Studies, Business Plans, Strategy, Management Consultancy, Business Processes Improvement and Training. We integrate our services functionally and geographically to help our clients to solve business problems and act on opportunities. Approaches and methodologies are developed locally to ensure consistent levels of quality within the Australian market.
CSC industry specialties in small and medium businesses which include financial services, manufacturing and industrial services, energy, utilities, hotel and leisure, real estate, education, healthcare, telecommunication, IT, retail and consumer products and allied sectors.

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